Airport transfers

    • Avoid the stress of  waiting in mile long queues for taxis. Ride in a private luxury vehicle at the cost of a public taxi ! Avoid worry about the language barrier !…

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Cruise port transfers

    • The chauffeurs of Roma Limo Service have port security passes to drive you right up to the cruise ship! Relax ! Don’t get off on the wrong foot,  with public transport , port shuttles and cruise baggage!…

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Tour of Rome

    • Rome, a city where the PAST  IS THE PRESENT! Rewind  through time. Experience 2800 years of Roman history.…

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Day trips from Rome

    • Unforgettable, that’s what  they are.  Make the most of your holiday !…

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Shore excursions Rome

    • Book  your very own private tour from the port of Civitavecchia. Tread the path of history through the ancient city of Rome , and The Vatican…

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Naples shore excursions

    • Book  your very own private shore excursion  from the port of Naples or Sorrento. Travel in the comfort  of your private ,air-conditioned chauffeur driven vehicle…

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Pre & post cruise tour

    • Carry home as many memories as you can ! Make the most of your transit time in Rome, pre –cruise or post-cruise.…

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Florence shore excursions

    • Book  your very own private tour from the port of Livorno. See so much more , at leisure, in the comfort  of your private chauffeur driven vehicle.…

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A day trip to Umbria


  • Umbria, a mountainous region, is located north of the Latium, where the capital Rome is situated. Less acknowledged for its scenery than its neighbor Tuscany, Umbria nevertheless is home to several beautiful and famous towns:
  • Gubbio, a very small medieval town a the foot of the Ingino mountains. It boasts of beautiful monuments and craftsmanship.
  • Perugia, an historical town with a rich tradition of art and artists is home to the Language University for Foreigners . Students from all over the world, enroll to study the Italian language and culture.
  • Orvieto, built by the Etruscans in the 9th to 8th Century B.C. is a graceful town standing on top of a tufa plateau and dominating the area around it. The Duomo, and the well of St.Patrick are two of the famous sights.
  • Assisi, famous for the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi (St. Francis)
  • Towns of further interest are Spello, Todi, and Spoletto, to name a few.
  • Umbria is also famous for its cuisine and wine, and if you wish we can combine the tour with a lunch in one of the numerous trattorias.