An historical tour of ancient Rome and the Cathedral of St.Peter

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Drive to the smallest independent sovereign city state in the world, Vatican City.

Enter the greatest of all churches in Christendom ….. The Basilica of St Peter.

The magnificent Renaissance church was built over the tomb of Saint Peter one of the twelve apostles who was the first bishop of Christianity, Construction began in 1506 and it was completed in 1626. Walk through the immense, elaborate interior that also contains The Pieta by Michael Angelo, and exquisite gold mosaics decorations.

Visit the Coliseum, imagine the roars of animals and the thunder of eighty thousand cheering voices; visualize the famed gladiators ,desperate prisoners and slaves ,pitting their strengths against ferocious wild animals !

View the Ancient Roman Forum….the heart of the city of Ancient Rome, dating back to the 10th Century BC. Record on film the splendor of the Roman Empire with a photograph beneath the Triumphal Arch of the Emperor Constantine.

Stand in awe before the remains of palaces of the Roman Emperors on the Palatine Hill and capture an exciting mental vision of the great chariot races in the vast Circus Maximus.

Appreciate the beauty of the monument dedicated to Victor Emanuelle II , in complete contrast to the ruinous perfection of Ancient Rome.

Throw that proverbial coin into the Trevi Fountain, while you admire the artistic combination of water and sculpture . Enjoy The Spanish Steps , and perhaps shop on Via Condotti… designer row !!!

Drive by the Castel of Angles, the most impressive tomb and fort in Rome and visit the largest and most well preserved pagan temple in Rome….. The Pantheon.. make a special note of the ‘demon hole’ in the centre of the enormous dome !

Stroll through Piazza Navona , have a gelato and admire the sculpture of The Fountain of the Four Rivers, that recycles the water of the four most important rivers of the world…. signifying the spread of Christianity through the world.

You can do this tour with an English speaking chauffeur , in the luxury vehicle of your choice. He will drive you right up to each monument …. No walking involved, except while you stop to visit the monument, and he will give you basic information.

Of course, you can always have an authorized guide at an extra cost.

We will book your entry to The Colosseum and you can purchase your tickets directly, without waiting in the line - up.

Cost of entries are not included.