Pre & post cruise tour

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Roma Limo Service provides convenient and flexible  pre-cruise and post cruise tours of the major sights of Rome. These tour are designed especially for clients who arrive by air in the morning and have enough time to visit Rome before embarking on their cruise ship at Civitavecchia or for clients who disembark the cruise ship at Civitavecchia and have time to visit Rome before boarding their flight home.

This tour includes the pick-up at the Rome airport / 3 hours tour of Rome / drop off right at the cruise ship. OR pick up at the cruise ship / 3 hours tour of Rome / drop off at the Rome airport. The tour time is a complete 3 hours… the transfer duration is separate, but the cost is all inclusive.

Additional hours can be booked but will be charged extra on the basic cost.

This mini tour enables one to visit the Coliseum ( externally);  View  the Ancient Roman Forum, The Monument to Victor Emanuell II, The Trevi Fountain,  The Piazza Navona, and a drive by of Vatican city , The Cathedral of St Peter and The Castel of Angels. 

This is the basic high- light tour of Rome.  However, if you wish to visit  sights that differ  from the offered  , please let us know and we will be pleased to arrange this for you, keeping in mind the time limit.

The advantages of booking a private pre-cruise or post cruise tour:

*It is mandatory to have a guide for groups of 9 persons and above