Tour 1: Visit Rome, The Eternal city !

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Visit the Coliseum…. The 2800 year old arena famed for gladiator battles , confrontations between humans and ferocious beasts and the cruelties of religious persecution . Thread the path of history through The Ancient Roman Forum,….. the pulsing heart of the ancient city of Rome. View The Palatine Hill, with the vast remains of the palaces of Roman Emperors . Climb The Capitoline Hill, the smallest, but most important of the seven hills of Rome … the location of the Temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. Admire the splendid white marble Monument to Victor Emanuell II. Step into The Pantheon…… a phenomenon of 2nd century architecture. Visit The Spanish Steps. Throw a coin into the legendary Trevi Fountain. Experience the beauty of The Piazza Navona , location of the fountain of the Four Rivers.

Tour the Vatican Museums, The Sistine Chapel and the Cathedral of St Peter…. All in the time frame of 9 hours , while your ship waits at the dock in Civitavecchia.

Your private English speaking chauffeur will drive you right up to each site and give you information.

We will book your entry so you do not wait in the hours long line-up, this enables you to save so much time and see so much more .

The entry cost are not included in the tour prices.

If you would like in-depth historical information, you can book an authorized English speaking guide , at an extra cost.