Tour 2: A tour of scenic beauty - From Naples to Sorrento to Positano

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Towns that are dream- like in their reality !

An English speaking chauffeur will meet you at the cruise ship and drive you around the historical town of Naples . This will be followed by a panoramic drive along the Amalfi coast to the unique towns of Sorrento and Positano, crawling down the cliff sides and seeming to descend into the Tyrrhenian sea. Shop in the grotto boutiques, and bask in the sunshine. There is some good walking in the towns, and plenty of restaurants and bars for the less energetic.

Sorrento is famous for Limoncello, a digestive made from lemon rind, alcohol , water and sugar.

Visit Positano, a prosperous port in the 16th Century ,reduced to an impoverished fishing village in the 19th century, and developed into a picturesque town that attracts tourists from every part of the globe. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is worth a visit.

The drive offers breathtaking views of the precipitous Amalfi-coast, and the driver will be obliged to stop along the way so you can capture this spellbinding beauty in photo stills or film.